I Struck Oil!

I Struck Oil!

essential oils with plantsAren’t those exciting words? No, I don’t have an oil well, but I have something far better—doTERRA Essential Oils! Ever since I’ve been using the oils and the other products, my life has changed and I’m living a much healthier lifestyle. Wherever I go, I bring my oils to share and to use for myself.

Last fall a good friend of mine introduced me to doTERRA Essential Oils. I must admit at first I was hesitant—I had never used essential oils and thought they were a little shaky. Oh, how wrong I was and discovered that I just didn’t know about them. I started with their Life Long Vitality Pack. I don’t know about you, but I have been using supplements for years and had no clue if they were working or not—I couldn’t feel anything. But when I started with the doTERRA Vitality Pack, I could felt the difference—I had more energy, my stomach felt better and I had an overall feeling of health. I was sold!

After talking with my friend, I decided to go all in and become a Wellness Advocate and start my new business! I haven’t looked back. I love the people I work with, I love the Company because their goal is education and not trying to sell someone. It’s about making friends and educating people about a healthier lifestyle. And, the topper—the Company helps others in remote or underpaid countries to develop a 12-month plan to earn income on a regular basis.

Another bonus—there are many participation levels to doTERRA. One can just buy the oils for personal use, one can share the oils and earn an income and last but not least, one can build a business around the oils. This is what I’ve decided to do and although it might take each individual a different amount of time to advance in rank, the compensation plan is AMAZING!

Some of the parts of my life that have been affected by the oils include increasing my sleep, relieving pain, concentration, grounding me, bring a sense of joy and ease, removing toxins from my home and increasing my immunity and breathing. The oils can be used in cooking, on the body, diffused in the room or swallowed. They even have a class on the Medicine Cabinet Makeover, to use oils instead of over-the-counter aids and other health remedies. The best thing is that they’re always available even during the night when you can’t run out.

I invite you to schedule a conversation with me about doTERRA. I will honestly tell you, I am not a salesperson, I am a TEACHER. The oils sell themselves when you discover their magic. I even send samples for you to discover the joy.

Lets have a conversation and get to know one another.



P.S. The oils can be used on anyone 2 weeks and older! doTERRA is the only CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade) oil produced. Ask me what that means?