Ok, It’s That Time of Year!!

Ok, It’s That Time of Year!!

Just a quick question? Have you seen or experienced all the illnesses going around? One seems to affect the stomach and the other the sinuses, but both are horrible! This is the time of year where we catch things and awaken with a clogged throat and have to cough to talk. Well, I’m here with a solution! They are my two favorite go-to oils at this time of year—On Guard and Breathe! I can’t live without them and, knock on wood, I haven’t been sick at all!

Let me tell you about these winners! doTERRA Breathe is called the “respiratory blend”, it’s composed of the following CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade) oils: Laurel Leaf, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Melaleuca, Lemon, Ravensara, and Cardamom. It really helps to clear the airways, promotes easy breathing, and decreases the effects of seasonal threats! You’ve never felt anything open your airways the way Breathe does—put a drop in the palm of your hands, rub them together, cup over nose and inhale. WOW!!!


On Guard is known as the “protective blend” and really helps with immune support. It consists of Wild Orange, Clove Bud, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus and Rosemary doTERRA oils. It’s a great “support of the body’s natural antioxidant defenses.”

What’s really super about these two oils is that they come in a number of forms, which are all great! The Breathe comes in oil form, a vapor stick and respiratory drops or lozenges. On Guard presents itself as an oil, beadlets (which I carry in my purse ALL the time), soft gels, protection throat drops, laundry detergent, cleaner concentrate, foaming hand wash, and toothpaste.

I like to diffuse Breathe and On Guard every night with a little Lavender thrown in for peace. My bedroom smells delightful and I’m inhaling the wonderful healing properties of all these oils while I’m sound asleep.

As to the other On Guard products, I think of as a reallocation of my finances with wonderful benefits! We all have to buy laundry detergent, cleaning solution, hand soap and toothpaste so why not get the non-toxic benefits and protection of these products and the wonderful aroma they produce?

I wouldn’t even attempt to spend the winter without these incredible tools—I feel they are essential to my health and wellness. And to be honest, I use them all-year-round because you never know what’s lurking out there?

I suggest you give them a try for yourself and your family. I even rub On Guard cut with fractionated coconut oil on my grand daughter’s feet at night and she has brought very little home from day care, which as we all know is a cesspool for disease!

With a simple doTERRA year-long Membership for $35, you can have these and any other products you order at a 25% discount over retail prices- you make up your Membership in no time. And the best part is that you purchase what you want when you want it! You earn more product value points (similar to frequent flyer miles) with an LRP order (Loyalty Rewards Points), but you can get to that when you discover how amazing these oils are and you find you want more every month!

Contact me and let me help you get the 25% off! It’s so easy and you won’t be disappointed!

Thank you so much, I look forward to speaking with you, if you wish, for a 30-minute doTERRA oil review and how they can help you and your family. Contact me to schedule a time today!

Here’s to you and your family’s health and wellness,

Do You Feel the Energy???

Do You Feel the Energy???

We’re into our second week of 2017 and I’m just wondering if you feel the unlimited energy of the New Year? It’s afresh start, a new beginning and are you going to take advantage of it? Well, I sure am! 2017 is going to be my best year ever!!

I am going to focus on being the best doTERRA Wellness Advocate possible and, my promise to you is to bring valuable information on all doTERRA Essential Oils and Products to change and enhance your life and that of your family’s. I’m dedicating this year to you and your wellness! I’m not making resolutions since those seem to slip away very quickly, but instead, making you a promise to be there for you and your health!

At the beginning of the New Year most of us talk about weight loss, exercise, relationships, health and being more present in our lives. I’m going to help you achieve your dreams with simple and even fun solutions!

Just what are essential oils? Essential oils “are natural aromatic compounds found in the seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers, and other parts of the plant.” But, essential oils goes well beyond their fragrant appeal. “They can lift the mood, calm the senses and elicit powerful emotional responses.” They are also very useful in our health and wellness.

The use of essential oils is age old. And yet, they are perfect for our more holistic approach to health care. Actually, many of our pharmaceuticals are based on chemical equations trying to duplicate the oil. However, therein lies the problem—why use chemicals with their horrible side-effects when we can use a CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade) doTERRA Essential Oil. [doTERRA has been recognized by John’s Hopkins review to lead all categories they tested for purity, efficacy, etc.]

For this first blog of 2017 (which by the way will be bi-weekly), I would like to introduce you to the first product I used which sold me on the oils in a matter of weeks. I must admit I was hesitant and skeptical of using essential oils when introduced to me by a good friend. She convinced me to order the Lifelong Vitality Supplements along with Mito2Max! Now I had taken a number of supplements, but had no clue if they were working or not? I felt lethargic and wiped out most of the time, but within 2 weeks of these supplements and energy booster, Mito2Max, my life had changed! I felt the effect of these wonder supplements and found my old energy. They are truly amazing!

In order to feel our best and start at the very beginning, we must get the necessary vitamins and supplements. Why not start with pure supplements made with doTERRA Essential Oils? Purity always speaks to me, how about you? With pureness, we decrease, if not nullify, any side effects or toxins going into our bodies. Hooray!!

I would love to welcome you to this delicious New Year and give you the opportunity to schedule aComplimentary 30-minute Wellness Makeover Call. We can talk about the health or other issues that you and your family are experiencing and how you might be helped with the oils. All you need to do is click HERE to contact me and we’ll set up a time to chat! I would love to educate you so you can make wiser decisions about your life and how you live it!

Here’s to YOUR health in 2017!