Why I Do This?

Why I Do This?

I have been a DoTERRA Wellness Advocate for about 4 years+ and I love what I do. What I wanted to do was to explain ‘why’ and perhaps give you some insight into my business this beginning of August 2019.

My motto is “Changing health and wellness one person at a time!”– and that’s what I love doing. I have always been in the business of helping others in one-way or another, and it’s just me!

I have had too many operations to name, but major ones are two back fusions, double knee replacements and a double left foot fusion, and for a long time I was a mess-lot’s of pain, worn down, and lacking energy. 

I was lost until one day a wonderful person introduced me to DoTERRA Life Long Vitality Supplements. I will tell you, I was a little suspicious that they could do all the things she told me, but decided to try since there’s a 30-day return for full price if I didn’t like them. I added Mito2Max (for energy) and PB Assist+ (a probiotic)

Within 10 days I started feeling amazing (often takes people a little longer). I was bouncing out of bed full of energy, my entire body felt well and my stomach issues were non-existent. My nails and hair were growing like weeds! I was all in and decided I needed to be a part of this wonderful Company.

I liked what they stood for—100% Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Oils, helping people with their health and giving back all over the world with their ‘Helping Hands!”

I was determined to share these amazing oils and products with as many people as I could. I wanted to help others experience what I had and to change their lives.

I know many people are so ingrained with Over the Counter (OTC) products, run to the Doctor’s office with a sniffle and want more and more the quick cure of antibiotics instead of allowing natural products to do the same job.(Pharmaceuticals are based on our original medicines-plants, herbs, trees, roots, etc.)

I definitely am not saying there is no use for drugs and other medications but we don’t need all of them. I love what DoTERRA is doing-they are building facilities where there are doctors and DoTERRA oils! The best of both worlds.

I decided to change my health when my first grandchild was born. I lost weight (thankfully due toSlim & Sassy), cleaned up my diet, started exercising and learned how to use the oils and products of DoTERRA. I wanted to be around as my, now, 3 grand children grew. 

I recently hit a huge birthday and I have to say that I’m healthier then ever before all due to DoTERRA. I invite you to explore and to change your life. Find all the information on www.doterra.com and don’t hesitate to call me or to set up an appointment for education. 

Looking forward to a healthier YOU! 


P.S. I’ll be sharing more and more information on my Facebook page: Naturally Wendy. Please join me, you won’t regret it!!

Wendy Martens, MA, doTERRA Wellness Advocate

“Changing health and wellness one person at a time!”

But, I Have to Work!!!!

But, I Have to Work!!!!

I know that summer is here and in the past I’ve explored different DoTERRA products that will work for you when you are enjoying the summer days. But, I don’t know about you, but I have to work!!

Yes, I sit in my office longingly looking outside and wishing I was out there and not in here. It’s such a beautiful time of year and I must admit that I’m luckier than most—I work from home and I can set my own schedule. But, I still have to work!

What I find helps me to ease the pain of being stuck at my desk are wonderful diffuser blends that can uplift my spirits and change my mood. I wanted to share a few with you that I hope will not only make you focus, but also will make you feel better.

I find I use all of these at different times during the week. Mondays are great for The Energizing Blend or The Citrus Spice Blend. When you have a deadline, The Stress Less Blend is a must. Other times during the week, Springtime Bliss Blend and The Refreshing Blend are great to use.

However, use whatever you wish and experiment with the oils to find a blend that resonates with your mood. There are always the emotional oils such as Cheer, Motivate, and Passion, which are wonderful to rub on or diffuse.

Finally, how do you start your morning? I like to get my mind working and balance myself. I always rub Balance Oil on my feet, put a drop of Frankincense on my thumb and apply to the soft palate of your mouth (this goes right through the blood-brain barrier and helps you focus). I also take a couple drops of Copaiba by mouth, which is a great mood elevator.

I hope these ideas help with the ‘it’s summer, but I still have to work syndrome’ that almost all of us suffer through at one time or another. Enjoy and make the most of yours and your family’s summer days!

Continue to have a great summer!


P.S. I’ll be sharing more and more information on my Facebook page: Naturally Wendy. Please join me, you won’t regret it!!

Wendy Martens, MA, doTERRA Wellness Advocate

“Changing health and wellness one person at a time!”

OMG, Summer is Here!!!

OMG, Summer is Here!!!

Summer has arrived full blast across the country this week! Almost everyone is experiencing 90-degree weather and sweating up a storm. I’m so lucky living in Denver because there is little humidity, but coming from the Washington, DC area—I know humidity and believe me I don’t miss it!

I have been thinking about summer and have a little education about some doTERRA Essential Oils and products that can make your summer easier so that you appreciate the season!

First, there’s a little warning. I don’t know about you, but I love the citrus oils (lemon, lime, tangerine, green mandarin, grapefruit, etc.) and they just remind me of summer and freshness. But, they are sun sensitive. DO NOT PUT ON BODY AND GO OUT IN THE SUN! You can develop redness and sometimes a rash. Save these for diffusing in your home or office and cooking, and not for going out!

There are a number of products that I don’t leave the house without taking before or during my outdoor excursions.

I have some seasonal allergies and take a TriEase capsule every morning and have gotten rid of the leaky nose, sneezing and post-nasal drip.


I always put these in my bag when going to the pool, beach or on a picnic—TerraShield, Peppermint and OnGuard Sanitizing Mist. TerraShield is my go-to spray for bugs and mosquitos, especially where those bugs carry diseases.


Now if you are really hot, I always carry Peppermint. I rub it on my neck and the cooling is amazing! I’ve even put it on a woman in my class who was having a hot flash and she had instantaneous relief. I love it!!!


Between eating, rubbing suntan lotion on, putting our hands on chairs, towels, and etc.- I love to use OnGuard Hand Sanitizing Mist on my grandchildren and myself. Kids are always getting dirty (which I think is great) but you don’t want them eating with filthy hands. Spray a little OnGuard on and they are instantly clean and ready to eat.

These are just a few summertime aids that are easy to apply and make your hot days a little brighter. I want everyone to enjoy his or her summer and just have plain FUN, so why not make it easier? And, one last thing—don’t forget to cover yourself with sunblock and all the children—it’s a must! Do you know that one bad sunburn as a child can lead to skin cancer? So make sure you apply every couple of hours!

If you have any questions or would like to hear more about these products, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I am always available for questions and education.

Have a great summer!


P.S. I’ll be sharing more and more information on my Facebook page: Naturally Wendy. Please join me, you won’t regret it!!

Wendy Martens, MA, doTERRA Wellness Advocate

“Changing health and wellness one person at a time!”

🌷 I’m Back and Not Leaving Again!

🌷 I’m Back and Not Leaving Again!

I know that I’ve been missing in action and I’m sorry, but I’ve been moving from Colorado Springs to Denver (following my grandchildren) and I’m finally unpacked and ready to move forward in helping you and your family improve your health and wellness and rid your home of toxins.

Let me say, that I don’t plan to be moving again because I packed and unpacked myself and it was painful. I don’t know if you have tried it, but I couldn’t have done it without one of my favorites,Deep Blue Rub. It relieved the pain in my back and knees and it’s 100% natural and CPTG(Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade) as is everything in doTERRA! I didn’t have to worry about something ‘bad’ for my body.

I want you to know that I’m going to be contacting everyone by phone to answer any questions you might have about doTERRA essential oils and products. I will send out an email twice a month with new and different ideas. I want you to feel free to email me at wendy@naturallywendy.com or phone or text me at (301) 602-9286 with any questions or concerns! I’m here to serve you and your family!!

Just for fun, I know many of us are suffering with sinus/allergies and I wanted to share a great diffuser blend called Sinus/Allergy doTERRA Essential Oil Summer Diffuser Blend. Put the following in your diffuser and turn it on:

  • 2 drops Melaleuca
  • 2 drops Lemon
  • 2 drops Peppermint
  • 2 drops Oregano

Since moving to Denver, I’ve suffered from allergies and dripping sinuses and this has really helped! One other thing, doTERRA has introduced a 12-hour Petal Diffuser, brand new this month—it’s a winner! I diffuse oils during the day and in my bedroom at night—there are so many recipes for just about anything you need help with-stress, sleep, calming, joy, etc.

As I said earlier, please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions—I love educating everyone. I’ll be in touch soon and won’t be disappearing again!

Take care and thank you for being part of my community,

I’m Not Sure How I Got Here!

I’m Not Sure How I Got Here!

This past weekend was my birthday and I turned 70 years old. I’m not sure how I got to this age—one minute it seems like I was 40 and in a blink of the eye, here I am 70!

When I awakened on my birthday morning, I just stayed in bed and thought on my life-the ups the downs; the grief, the divorce, wonderful grandchildren, too many operations, too much pain, incredible joy and a life filled with amazing friends, etc. And, what I concluded is that I’m young at heart and now my body feels that way too!

About three years ago, you would have found a much different person! I was exhausted all the time, in constant pain and wondering if I would or could ever feel like my vibrant self again?

What changed? A dear friend of mine introduced me to the Life Long Vitality Supplements of DoTerra Essential Oils-ten days later (not usually do they work that fast, but they work!) I was getting out of bed early, filled with energy, in less pain and a myriad of other great feelings. The supplements are a no-brainer—you get to try them for 30 days, if you see no results, you can send them back to DoTerra for a full refund!

So, the supplements got me started, but I knew I wanted to try all their other products. I love DoTerra Essential Oils and have used them for pain, balance, alertness, emotional help,clean clothes, great hair, beautiful skin and clean bathrooms, dishes, counters and on and on….

But my favorite thing is their purity! Do you know that organic is required to be only 80% organic-that leaves 20% of the product that is not. Think about this—if I handed you a 100% pure glass of water and put 1 drop of arsenic in the water making it 99%pure—would you drink it? Absolutely not!! Well, with DoTerra you don’t have to worry—they’re products are 100% pure!

Take a moment and think about what you want? The products that you buy at the grocery store, makeup store or hair salon—they are not 100% pure and can contain very harmful chemicals and still be called ‘organic!’

I want only one thing and that’s to make you and your family healthier. We have so many toxins in our lives; we need to cut them out, if not for you, for your children’s sake.

We have oils and products that can change your life and that of your family. Whether you need emotional support, non-toxic support, pain and health support, consumable support-DoTerra is there for you!

I would not only like to help you, but also get to know you so that I can make effective recommendations for you and yours. Please feel free to contact me even if you wish to just talk? There is absolutely no pressure to buy, but only a desire to help! Thank you.