I know that summer is here and in the past I’ve explored different DoTERRA products that will work for you when you are enjoying the summer days. But, I don’t know about you, but I have to work!!

Yes, I sit in my office longingly looking outside and wishing I was out there and not in here. It’s such a beautiful time of year and I must admit that I’m luckier than most—I work from home and I can set my own schedule. But, I still have to work!

What I find helps me to ease the pain of being stuck at my desk are wonderful diffuser blends that can uplift my spirits and change my mood. I wanted to share a few with you that I hope will not only make you focus, but also will make you feel better.

I find I use all of these at different times during the week. Mondays are great for The Energizing Blend or The Citrus Spice Blend. When you have a deadline, The Stress Less Blend is a must. Other times during the week, Springtime Bliss Blend and The Refreshing Blend are great to use.

However, use whatever you wish and experiment with the oils to find a blend that resonates with your mood. There are always the emotional oils such as Cheer, Motivate, and Passion, which are wonderful to rub on or diffuse.

Finally, how do you start your morning? I like to get my mind working and balance myself. I always rub Balance Oil on my feet, put a drop of Frankincense on my thumb and apply to the soft palate of your mouth (this goes right through the blood-brain barrier and helps you focus). I also take a couple drops of Copaiba by mouth, which is a great mood elevator.

I hope these ideas help with the ‘it’s summer, but I still have to work syndrome’ that almost all of us suffer through at one time or another. Enjoy and make the most of yours and your family’s summer days!

Continue to have a great summer!


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Wendy Martens, MA, doTERRA Wellness Advocate

“Changing health and wellness one person at a time!”