Why I Do This?

Why I Do This?

I have been a DoTERRA Wellness Advocate for about 4 years+ and I love what I do. What I wanted to do was to explain ‘why’ and perhaps give you some insight into my business this beginning of August 2019.

My motto is “Changing health and wellness one person at a time!”– and that’s what I love doing. I have always been in the business of helping others in one-way or another, and it’s just me!

I have had too many operations to name, but major ones are two back fusions, double knee replacements and a double left foot fusion, and for a long time I was a mess-lot’s of pain, worn down, and lacking energy. 

I was lost until one day a wonderful person introduced me to DoTERRA Life Long Vitality Supplements. I will tell you, I was a little suspicious that they could do all the things she told me, but decided to try since there’s a 30-day return for full price if I didn’t like them. I added Mito2Max (for energy) and PB Assist+ (a probiotic)

Within 10 days I started feeling amazing (often takes people a little longer). I was bouncing out of bed full of energy, my entire body felt well and my stomach issues were non-existent. My nails and hair were growing like weeds! I was all in and decided I needed to be a part of this wonderful Company.

I liked what they stood for—100% Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Oils, helping people with their health and giving back all over the world with their ‘Helping Hands!”

I was determined to share these amazing oils and products with as many people as I could. I wanted to help others experience what I had and to change their lives.

I know many people are so ingrained with Over the Counter (OTC) products, run to the Doctor’s office with a sniffle and want more and more the quick cure of antibiotics instead of allowing natural products to do the same job.(Pharmaceuticals are based on our original medicines-plants, herbs, trees, roots, etc.)

I definitely am not saying there is no use for drugs and other medications but we don’t need all of them. I love what DoTERRA is doing-they are building facilities where there are doctors and DoTERRA oils! The best of both worlds.

I decided to change my health when my first grandchild was born. I lost weight (thankfully due toSlim & Sassy), cleaned up my diet, started exercising and learned how to use the oils and products of DoTERRA. I wanted to be around as my, now, 3 grand children grew. 

I recently hit a huge birthday and I have to say that I’m healthier then ever before all due to DoTERRA. I invite you to explore and to change your life. Find all the information on www.doterra.com and don’t hesitate to call me or to set up an appointment for education. 

Looking forward to a healthier YOU! 


P.S. I’ll be sharing more and more information on my Facebook page: Naturally Wendy. Please join me, you won’t regret it!!

Wendy Martens, MA, doTERRA Wellness Advocate

“Changing health and wellness one person at a time!”

How Are Those Goals Coming?

How Are Those Goals Coming?

Ahhh…the goals we promise ourselves on the January 1st! We want to get healthy, lose weight, reduce stress—you name it and we feel so good about our intentions and are convinced that we are unstoppable! So, how are those goals manifesting in the first month of the year?

I’ll tell you that I was very guilty of making a list of similar goals, mostly about my body, that I wanted to accomplish! I told everyone and felt incredibly motivated-I could do this!!

What I discovered was that I had set myself up for failure and the accompanying unworthy feelings that made me feel depressed, unworthy, and not good enough!

Do you want to know how I got myself out of this yearly predicament? It’s quite easy! Yes, I made a list of things for my body, life and business, but then I went farther.. I broke the goals into chewable bites, which were doable.

Let me give you an example. I had a goal to lose weight-35-40 pounds! No problem: lose 2-3 pounds a week, 8-12 pounds a month and should be done in 3-4 months. Well, that didn’t happen. I put so much pressure on myself that I actually gained weight from the stress and the cortisol that it produced. Flash! Change the way I went about this or I would keep gaining weight!

As many of you know and for those that don’t, I am a DoTerra Wellness Advocate who loves helping people and changing their health and wellness, but I often forgot about myself!

First, I decided I wasn’t going to get stressed out about losing weight! I was going to use the tools that DoTerra has provided. I did the Slim & Sassy program along with the Cleanse– l loved the program because it was sooooo easy. And, guess what? The weight disappeared and I’ve kept it off!

The same applies to the gym. Most people join a gym and are so psyched that they start working out an hour to an hour and a half everyday, even though they haven’t been to a gym in years. After about the second day, they’ve pulled something, hurt their back or find that they can’t move. Instead of backing off to maybe twice a week for a shorter amount of time, they quit!

Do you understand what I’m saying? We charge into things thinking the more time you put into something, we end up hurting ourselves and quit. Just break things down, take your time and you’ll meet your goals feeling great and with an amazing amount of energy. Remember the tortoise beat the hare? You can do the same with joy and health.

I love working with people to make their lives easier and healthier. I want to hear your issues and help you choose the DoTerra Essential Oils and Products that are just for you! Most people start with an oil or two, find that they love them and decide to purchase more. I never, ever put pressure on those I serve—it’s all about you and your needs!

If you want to accomplish your goals, please contact me for a free consultation where we can address what’s right for you!



Wendy Martens, MA, DoTerra Wellness Advocate

“Changing health and wellness one person at a time!”