I don’t know if it’s happening where you live, but here in Colorado Springs there is this horrible chest cold going around and the cough lasts for a long time. I didn’t get it!

A few days before Christmas, I awakened with this weird feeling in my chest and my first thought was, “Oh, no, I’m getting sick with the cold right before Christmas!” My second thought was that I would be banned from Christmas at my daughter’s house to preserve the health of my grandchildren! Well, that just wasn’t going to happen!

I said to myself, “there’s no way that I’m going to get sick!” I turned to my own medicine cabinet: doTERRA Essential Oils. I had, of course, heard of the “Bomb” but decided to add to it. I filled a veggie capsule with 3 drops of Lemon, 3 drops of Melaleuca, 3 drops of Oregano, 3 drops OnGuard (the normal bomb), and then just to put more power into it-3 drops of Frankincense!

I took a capsule 4 times a day for 3 days and never got the cold!

As each day progressed, I could feel the germs being destroyed and was getting stronger and stronger. I was overjoyed and ready for the best Christmas with my 2-year-old and 5-year-old grandchildren!

I am always surprised at some people who pooh-pooh doTerra oils and their incredible power to heal the body. In the past that chest cold would have ended up as bronchitis and a trip to the doctor to get an antibiotic! (Bronchitis is my weakness). But, I had no need for any antibiotic or a trip to the doctor’s.

I would love to teach YOU about the amazing power of these Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade oils! There is finally a trend towards healthy alternatives for your life and that of your family’s. So, jump on the wellness train for the healthiest ride of your life!