I love to write and am always filled with ideas, but if you noticed you haven’t heard from me, the words just died. I’ve sat down numerous times at me computer hit the “Word” button and nothing….

And then it hit me! I have been so immersed in all the wrong things happening in my life (just normal life, but oh so many), that no wonder I couldn’t write—who wants to hear a sad song? I will tell you what changed—the doTERRA Emotional Oils!

I’ve been diffusing them and applying them for the last week or so and I feel so much better! I ended up relying on four of the six emotional oils—Motivate, Cheer, Forgive and Console! (The other two are Passion, which is the Inspiring Blend and Peace the Reassuring Blend)

Briefly, Motivate is the Encouraging Blend, Cheer is the Uplifting Blend, Forgive is the Renewing Blend, and Console is the Comforting Blend. Using these four oils had a tremendous effect on my emotional balance and gave me a sense of uplift, joy and understanding.

Let’s be honest, we all go through emotional times and sometimes get lost in what we feel is raining hardship and can’t figure a way out or up! That was me! Then I thought-why don’t I give the Emotional Oils a try and I was blown away!

Often we hear of all the oils and products of doTERRA but many people are unaware that doTERRA addresses our emotional balance. When we’re not balanced emotionally, we can often experience body pain, stress, lack of sleep and a feeling of just wanting to be alone. Get your emotions balanced and it changes not only your emotions, but also your entire body. My result has been the ability to write again and serve you with helpful information!

Do you want to know more? Please contact me at wendy@naturallywendy.com or feel free to call/text me at 301-602-9286. I’m here to help you live a better and healthier life!

Thank you and warm wishes,