What a funny title, but wait until you hear what I have to say! There are so many simple things that you can do to let go of the toxins in your home and make yours and your family’s lives so much healthier.

The first thing to do is to get a doTERRA diffuser, preferably one that lasts 8 hours. Yes, they might be a touch more expensive, but they last forever and you won’t find that with less expensive diffusers.

You’ve likely seen the commercials about candles, sprays and all those air fresheners- they’re all toxic to some extent. Why would you intentionally use those around your family?

With a diffuser, unlike a candle, spray or air freshener-you can have any scent you wish, any time you wish! Feeling stressed out-use a little lavender, when the cold and flu season comes-use OnGuard (the immune defender) and Breathe, want a pick-me-up, use a little Wild Orange and Peppermint, and the list goes on and on. It’s fun to be creative and make your home smell wonderful without being overwhelming!

I get such a kick out of friends, offices, etc. when I enter the room they say I smell so good. I know I’ve put one or two oils on, but I’m always diffusing, which I know surrounds me. No heavy perfume (another toxic element) where people want to leave the room!

As I mentioned earlier, I wouldn’t go through the fall and winter without diffusing OnGuard and Breathe in my bedroom at night. I add a touch of Serenity to help with sleep and I have the perfect mixture! I stay healthy and get the rest we all need.

I love the versatility of using the doTERRA diffusers. They truly are an inexpensive, non-toxic way to change the your home environment. I am more than willing to help you change your home, office or bedroom—it just takes a phone call. I would love to teach you about diffusers and different blends to fit YOUR needs.