Today I want to talk to you about my portable massage therapist that relieves all my aches and pains and is always available day or night—Deep Blue Essential Oil and Rub!

I am a person, before I learned better and due to stress, had multiple operations in the early 2000’s. I’ve had 2 back fusions, 2 left foot fusions and a double knee replacement—all to relieve pain. But did they? Nope! So, although I have learned many different modalities to deal with the pain, I still have pain every day, but not as bad as it was! That was until I discovered Deep Blue Rub and Essential Oil!

I cannot begin to tell you how much better I feel every day! I rub it on my knees, my back and my left foot, not to mention the arthritis in my hands, and feel such relief. This practice is performed after my shower in the morning and right before I go to bed. I no longer awaken in the middle of the night with joints aching and unable to go back to sleep!

Let me tell you a little story. Every September, this will be my 17th year; I go to a ranch in Wyoming. I love it since it is rustic and the same friends come back every year—we’re a family and we start up just as we left off the previous year. This past year (September, 2016) I decided I would take 4 tubes of Deep Blue Rub to the ranch to give out as samples since I am a doTERRA Wellness Advocate.

At this great ranch, you get a cabin and a horse while you are there and everybody rides. (I can only do 1 short ride a day, but I love the nature in the mornings and am satisfied). Most of the guests ride twice a day. Well, since I’ve been going there for 17 years, we have aged and don’t feel as great as we used to 17 years ago after a ride. All I heard this year was, “Oh my back, oh my hips, oh my knees..” as they hobbled back to their cabins to get ready for lunch or dinner.

So, what did I do—I gave them a cup with a large sample of Deep Blue Rub! I told everyone to rub it where it hurts and to please report back to me! Well, they were amazed and started signing up for a doTERRA Wellnessaccount where they could order their own Deep Blue. The results were amazing and I was so pleased! It had been such a benefit to me that I wanted to share this little gold mine with others.

The best thing, since it is a doTERRA product, it is Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade—it is pure and has been tested by 3 blind companies to assure that it is! (If they find an impurity they throw the entire batch out). There is nothing harmful in Deep Blue—so much better than taking over-the-counter or prescription pain meds!

So, if you have annoying pain, why not give it a try? I am willing to talk to anyone who is interested—answering their questions or helping them decide. Just click HERE to contact me or comment below-and I’ll be there for you!

Take care and let’s banish pain!!