Let’s all hear it for Lemon! The very versatile oil, often considered rather simple by many, which is a little cleansing machine!

There are few of us that don’t love the smell, taste or aroma of lemon—we think of it as light and refreshing! But I want to share with you more about this wonderful little gem of an oil.

First, lemon is great to put in your drinking water not only for the taste but also for the cleansing properties. A little known fact—lemon breaks down petrochemicals in the body— we all have plenty due to the amount of plastic bottles, containers, forks, spoons and drinking cups we use- just to mention a few! If you turn a Styrofoam cup upside down and put a drop of lemon on the bottom, in a few minutes the lemon will have eaten through the Styrofoam cup! That’s what it does in your body! Petrochemicals are harmful to our bodies and we need to clear them and lemon does the job.(Just don’t put your lemon oil drops in a plastic bottle, buy yourself glass or stainless steel.)

Lemon is also great for cleaning and purifying the air and surfaces. Yes, it can be used as a cleaning product that smells wonderful and is not toxic!

Let’s not forget that lemon supports health digestive and respiratory function. Taken internally, lemon can help with seasonal respiratory discomfort.

There are a variety of ways to get your lemon. You can take it internally in your water, a drop on your tongue, or use it in cooking. Diffusing lemon adds a clean and uplifting aroma to your home or office. Finally, you can rub it on your body at your reflex points or any area of concern. Just remember to avoid direct sunlight or UV light for 12 hours after using on the skin.

And, here’s a very little known fact—lemon can be used on slightly tarnished silver to bring back the shine. When I use lemon, I feel like I’m bringing a little sunshine into my life, especially with all these dreary days of winter!

If you want to learn more about lemon or doTERRA’s other essential oils and products, please don’t hesitate tocontact me. 

I hope to hear from you and bring a little sunshine into your life!

Take care,