I’m Not Sure How I Got Here!

I’m Not Sure How I Got Here!

This past weekend was my birthday and I turned 70 years old. I’m not sure how I got to this age—one minute it seems like I was 40 and in a blink of the eye, here I am 70!

When I awakened on my birthday morning, I just stayed in bed and thought on my life-the ups the downs; the grief, the divorce, wonderful grandchildren, too many operations, too much pain, incredible joy and a life filled with amazing friends, etc. And, what I concluded is that I’m young at heart and now my body feels that way too!

About three years ago, you would have found a much different person! I was exhausted all the time, in constant pain and wondering if I would or could ever feel like my vibrant self again?

What changed? A dear friend of mine introduced me to the Life Long Vitality Supplements of DoTerra Essential Oils-ten days later (not usually do they work that fast, but they work!) I was getting out of bed early, filled with energy, in less pain and a myriad of other great feelings. The supplements are a no-brainer—you get to try them for 30 days, if you see no results, you can send them back to DoTerra for a full refund!

So, the supplements got me started, but I knew I wanted to try all their other products. I love DoTerra Essential Oils and have used them for pain, balance, alertness, emotional help,clean clothes, great hair, beautiful skin and clean bathrooms, dishes, counters and on and on….

But my favorite thing is their purity! Do you know that organic is required to be only 80% organic-that leaves 20% of the product that is not. Think about this—if I handed you a 100% pure glass of water and put 1 drop of arsenic in the water making it 99%pure—would you drink it? Absolutely not!! Well, with DoTerra you don’t have to worry—they’re products are 100% pure!

Take a moment and think about what you want? The products that you buy at the grocery store, makeup store or hair salon—they are not 100% pure and can contain very harmful chemicals and still be called ‘organic!’

I want only one thing and that’s to make you and your family healthier. We have so many toxins in our lives; we need to cut them out, if not for you, for your children’s sake.

We have oils and products that can change your life and that of your family. Whether you need emotional support, non-toxic support, pain and health support, consumable support-DoTerra is there for you!

I would not only like to help you, but also get to know you so that I can make effective recommendations for you and yours. Please feel free to contact me even if you wish to just talk? There is absolutely no pressure to buy, but only a desire to help! Thank you.

How Are Those Goals Coming?

How Are Those Goals Coming?

Ahhh…the goals we promise ourselves on the January 1st! We want to get healthy, lose weight, reduce stress—you name it and we feel so good about our intentions and are convinced that we are unstoppable! So, how are those goals manifesting in the first month of the year?

I’ll tell you that I was very guilty of making a list of similar goals, mostly about my body, that I wanted to accomplish! I told everyone and felt incredibly motivated-I could do this!!

What I discovered was that I had set myself up for failure and the accompanying unworthy feelings that made me feel depressed, unworthy, and not good enough!

Do you want to know how I got myself out of this yearly predicament? It’s quite easy! Yes, I made a list of things for my body, life and business, but then I went farther.. I broke the goals into chewable bites, which were doable.

Let me give you an example. I had a goal to lose weight-35-40 pounds! No problem: lose 2-3 pounds a week, 8-12 pounds a month and should be done in 3-4 months. Well, that didn’t happen. I put so much pressure on myself that I actually gained weight from the stress and the cortisol that it produced. Flash! Change the way I went about this or I would keep gaining weight!

As many of you know and for those that don’t, I am a DoTerra Wellness Advocate who loves helping people and changing their health and wellness, but I often forgot about myself!

First, I decided I wasn’t going to get stressed out about losing weight! I was going to use the tools that DoTerra has provided. I did the Slim & Sassy program along with the Cleanse– l loved the program because it was sooooo easy. And, guess what? The weight disappeared and I’ve kept it off!

The same applies to the gym. Most people join a gym and are so psyched that they start working out an hour to an hour and a half everyday, even though they haven’t been to a gym in years. After about the second day, they’ve pulled something, hurt their back or find that they can’t move. Instead of backing off to maybe twice a week for a shorter amount of time, they quit!

Do you understand what I’m saying? We charge into things thinking the more time you put into something, we end up hurting ourselves and quit. Just break things down, take your time and you’ll meet your goals feeling great and with an amazing amount of energy. Remember the tortoise beat the hare? You can do the same with joy and health.

I love working with people to make their lives easier and healthier. I want to hear your issues and help you choose the DoTerra Essential Oils and Products that are just for you! Most people start with an oil or two, find that they love them and decide to purchase more. I never, ever put pressure on those I serve—it’s all about you and your needs!

If you want to accomplish your goals, please contact me for a free consultation where we can address what’s right for you!



Wendy Martens, MA, DoTerra Wellness Advocate

“Changing health and wellness one person at a time!”

I Didn’t Get It!

I Didn’t Get It!

I don’t know if it’s happening where you live, but here in Colorado Springs there is this horrible chest cold going around and the cough lasts for a long time. I didn’t get it!

A few days before Christmas, I awakened with this weird feeling in my chest and my first thought was, “Oh, no, I’m getting sick with the cold right before Christmas!” My second thought was that I would be banned from Christmas at my daughter’s house to preserve the health of my grandchildren! Well, that just wasn’t going to happen!

I said to myself, “there’s no way that I’m going to get sick!” I turned to my own medicine cabinet: doTERRA Essential Oils. I had, of course, heard of the “Bomb” but decided to add to it. I filled a veggie capsule with 3 drops of Lemon, 3 drops of Melaleuca, 3 drops of Oregano, 3 drops OnGuard (the normal bomb), and then just to put more power into it-3 drops of Frankincense!

I took a capsule 4 times a day for 3 days and never got the cold!

As each day progressed, I could feel the germs being destroyed and was getting stronger and stronger. I was overjoyed and ready for the best Christmas with my 2-year-old and 5-year-old grandchildren!

I am always surprised at some people who pooh-pooh doTerra oils and their incredible power to heal the body. In the past that chest cold would have ended up as bronchitis and a trip to the doctor to get an antibiotic! (Bronchitis is my weakness). But, I had no need for any antibiotic or a trip to the doctor’s.

I would love to teach YOU about the amazing power of these Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade oils! There is finally a trend towards healthy alternatives for your life and that of your family’s. So, jump on the wellness train for the healthiest ride of your life!

Little Things To Let Go Of!

Little Things To Let Go Of!

What a funny title, but wait until you hear what I have to say! There are so many simple things that you can do to let go of the toxins in your home and make yours and your family’s lives so much healthier.

The first thing to do is to get a doTERRA diffuser, preferably one that lasts 8 hours. Yes, they might be a touch more expensive, but they last forever and you won’t find that with less expensive diffusers.

You’ve likely seen the commercials about candles, sprays and all those air fresheners- they’re all toxic to some extent. Why would you intentionally use those around your family?

With a diffuser, unlike a candle, spray or air freshener-you can have any scent you wish, any time you wish! Feeling stressed out-use a little lavender, when the cold and flu season comes-use OnGuard (the immune defender) and Breathe, want a pick-me-up, use a little Wild Orange and Peppermint, and the list goes on and on. It’s fun to be creative and make your home smell wonderful without being overwhelming!

I get such a kick out of friends, offices, etc. when I enter the room they say I smell so good. I know I’ve put one or two oils on, but I’m always diffusing, which I know surrounds me. No heavy perfume (another toxic element) where people want to leave the room!

As I mentioned earlier, I wouldn’t go through the fall and winter without diffusing OnGuard and Breathe in my bedroom at night. I add a touch of Serenity to help with sleep and I have the perfect mixture! I stay healthy and get the rest we all need.

I love the versatility of using the doTERRA diffusers. They truly are an inexpensive, non-toxic way to change the your home environment. I am more than willing to help you change your home, office or bedroom—it just takes a phone call. I would love to teach you about diffusers and different blends to fit YOUR needs.

I Just Can’t Get It Out!

I Just Can’t Get It Out!

I love to write and am always filled with ideas, but if you noticed you haven’t heard from me, the words just died. I’ve sat down numerous times at me computer hit the “Word” button and nothing….

And then it hit me! I have been so immersed in all the wrong things happening in my life (just normal life, but oh so many), that no wonder I couldn’t write—who wants to hear a sad song? I will tell you what changed—the doTERRA Emotional Oils!

I’ve been diffusing them and applying them for the last week or so and I feel so much better! I ended up relying on four of the six emotional oils—Motivate, Cheer, Forgive and Console! (The other two are Passion, which is the Inspiring Blend and Peace the Reassuring Blend)

Briefly, Motivate is the Encouraging Blend, Cheer is the Uplifting Blend, Forgive is the Renewing Blend, and Console is the Comforting Blend. Using these four oils had a tremendous effect on my emotional balance and gave me a sense of uplift, joy and understanding.

Let’s be honest, we all go through emotional times and sometimes get lost in what we feel is raining hardship and can’t figure a way out or up! That was me! Then I thought-why don’t I give the Emotional Oils a try and I was blown away!

Often we hear of all the oils and products of doTERRA but many people are unaware that doTERRA addresses our emotional balance. When we’re not balanced emotionally, we can often experience body pain, stress, lack of sleep and a feeling of just wanting to be alone. Get your emotions balanced and it changes not only your emotions, but also your entire body. My result has been the ability to write again and serve you with helpful information!

Do you want to know more? Please contact me at wendy@naturallywendy.com or feel free to call/text me at 301-602-9286. I’m here to help you live a better and healthier life!

Thank you and warm wishes,

It’s Not Hogwash or Woo-Woo!

It’s Not Hogwash or Woo-Woo!

Welcome to my new website, I am so thrilled to have you here! I can’t wait to share doTERRA with you and your friends. This Company has changed my life and helped me to heal my body. I’m a firm believer that having a healthy body makes your life even more awesome!

Why the title? So many people that I have met approach doTERRA with the idea that Essential Oils are strange and doubt what they can do to help the body heal. I’m here to say that they are an amazing addition to your life and your health!

DoTERRA oils are harvested from plants, flowers, bark, etc. This was our past, our ancestors healed each other with nature and all that it could do to! Then, the pharmaceutical companies arrived and decided to use chemicals that replicated the old ways. The problem is that in many cases drugs have been overused and are not effective, in fact, we have become resistant to them and Doctor’s don’t know where to turn to heal their patients. In addition, the pharmaceutical companies control the price of their drugs. There are so many people that can’t afford their life-saving drugs and have to make a choice between medicine and either rent or food. DoTERRA oils are an inexpensive alternative because, even though some of the oils are expensive, they contain 250 drops and you only uses a drop or two.

DoTERRA oils are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) oils. What does that mean for you? After the crops are harvested, they are distilled to separate the oil from the plant. That oil is then sent to 3 to 5 blind testers, and, if any one of those finds an impurity, the entire batch is thrown out! DoTERRA would rather not offer an oil than have an impurity! This is a promise to you and all their members.

My goal with this Blog is to educate you and others. I hope to write at least two blogs a month, if not more, and allow you to make up your own mind. I welcome any questions that you might have and will do my best to answer them or find the answer if I don’t know. I want to erase that idea that doTERRA Essential oils are hogwash or woo-woo, and instead teach you that you have control over your body, your health and that of your family’s.

Welcome to Naturally Wendy’s website and blog!!!!

Wendy Martens, MA
DoTERRA Wellness Advocate #2328217